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Designing 100% natural products can have its challenges. Some crafters often run into some hurdles while striving for the "100%" mark, both in candles or personal care products. Our site caters to the crafter who understands this and would like to be able to partially meet the natural challenge in some of their crafting endeavors. It doesn't mean you can't create "all natural" -- certainly, in some cases, you can! -- but there are limits and guidelines to follow that may not always be an easy task for everyone. So, we are designing products that have a little of both worlds.
Fragrance Oils for Candles & Scented Crafts
Scented oils for candles & crafts

Candlemaking Supplies
Color cakes for soy candles, wicks & soy wax in small quantities

About Our Scents
A little information about us & our scents

Includes candle burning tips and safety guidelines

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